Clay (Album Vinyl)


Clay is the third full length album by contemporary singer-songwriter Flo Perlin. Clay itself is a metaphor for the human capacity to adapt and adjust to different experiences and challenges. Just like clay, we mould and change shapes. This album reflects Flo’s personal experiences of belonging and growth.

In addition to the soothing and hypnotic nature of her voice, Flo Perlin is able to create beautifully crafted, melodic and poetic songs that address common yet complex issues, intertwined with profound and personal perspectives. In light of this, BBC 6 Music have described her as ‘a true storyteller’.

Every song on the album is both deeply impactful and a delight to hear, highlights include ‘Mother Tongue’: Reflecting on feelings of belonging and how even though the language of Flo’s ancestors was not passed down through generations, she inherited a way of expressing herself through music, conveying how we as descendants inherit their traits regardless. ‘Friend Of Mine’ explores how we can be our own best friend or our worst enemy, expressing the importance of being good to the person you see in the mirror. ‘Part Of Me’ is a song about how our great loves stay within us. From Flo’s experience of parting ways with a lover, this song articulates the initial feelings in a relationship of losing a part of yourself. Flo is honoured to have composer Kaidi Akinnibi feature on ‘Part Of Me’. Akinnibi has a multi-faceted outlook on music, as learned from the sounds of Kinetika Bloco, Jazz Warriors and his explorations in the vibrant UK music scene. This shows in the eclectic variety of artists he works and writes with, including Tom Misch, Wizkid, Black Midi, Celeste, and many more.

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